About High School Civics Test

There are 100 civics questions that cover various topics in U.S. history, constitution and government. For high school graduation the test comprises all 100 questions.

Which States Require the Civics Test for High School Graduation?

Arizona became the first state requiring students to pass the civics test before high school graduation. It is expected that all states will have implemented this requirement by September 17, 2017, the 230th anniversary of the United States Constitution.



North Dakota

South Dakota





South Carolina

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100 Civics Test Questions

Practice all 100 Civics Test questions and answers.

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High School Civics Test Practice

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American Government

57 Questions about principles of American democracy, system of government, and rights and responsibilities.

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American History

30 questions covering topics from the colonial period to the past few decades.

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Integrated Civics

13 questions about geography, holidays, and national symbols.

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Most Difficult Questions

Practice questions that you have previously answered incorrectly and that most users get wrong.

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